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Meet LK Scott

Certified Resilience Coach & Leadership Consultant

     Resilience Coach for TSFW Coaching & Consulting LLC., F.L.Y. Girlz Academy Mentor, Staff Leadership Consultant, Blogger, and Motivational Speaker is the services LK Scott provides as an entrepreneur. At TSFW, her ultimate goal is to partner with clients to achieve their goals, focus on personal engagement & authentic business values to follow through with a road map to success spiritually, physically, mentally, and emotionally for a purpose.

     As an Afro-Indigenous Seminole, Lauren has always been passionate about being a servant for God’s people. As an educator for a total of 9 years, she now takes what she has learned in the educational field to help others with life coaching, building team leadership in small businesses, and mentoring young girls ages 7-18 years old. She starts by showing them that knowing their strength will help them with self-awareness, social awareness, and business.

     She has a Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy Studies for The University of Texas at Arlington where she has learned how leadership skills are essential when running a business. Her values are based on the foundation of Christ, family, and becoming her authentic self by being Fearless. She has a wonderful husband of 6 years, and a FIERCE daughter, London, who is her why when it comes to creating future wealth and business for the world!


"There is no such thing as failure. They are merely lessons that need adjustments"

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